FC12B – Battery Powered High Capacity Shuttle Car

High Capacity Freedom© Car (12 Tonnes)

Since its introduction at MINExpo 2000, the Freedom® Car has evolved to include an industry leading payload capability, four wheel independent suspension, DC and VFD motor controls, along with improved mechanical and battery components.

Increased Payload, Heavy Duty Unibody Chassis & Advanced Wheel Unit Design

  • Battery sized to match shuttle car size
  • AC inputs available starting at 480 through 1140 Volts – 50 or 60 Hz
  • DC or AC motor controls
  • DC traction motors 35Hp (26kw) and 50Hp (37kw)
  • DC conveyor motors 35Hp (26kw)
  • VFD traction motors 75Hp (55kw) and 115Hp (85kw)
  • VFD conveyor motors 35Hp (26kw) and 75Hp (55kw)
  • Pump motors 14Hp DC (10kw) or 15Hp AC (11kw)
  • Halogen lighting with automatic controls
  • Conveyor width options: 36”(91.44cm), 40”(101.6cm), 48”(121.92cm), 56”(142.24cm), 64”(162.56cm)
  • Conveyor sideboard combinations to match capacity requirements
  • Elevating conveyor discharge boom
  • Single and dual heavy duty worm gear drives available
  • Interchangeable planetary type wheel units
  • Full time 4-wheel drive / 4-wheel steering
  • Electronic traction differential for precise steering
  • Tram speed: empty – 6 mph (9.6 Km/h) full – 5.5 mph (8.5 Km/h)
  • Automotive type steering draglinks with heavy duty tie rod ends
  • Indexed steering components for easy wheel alignment
  • Gear type hydraulic pump
  • Pressure type and spin-on type filters available
  • Injector type oil fill pump
  • Hydraulic, fire and lube systems hose ends – JIC, MPT or Staple-Loc
  • Dry chemical fire suppression

Key Features

Variable Speed Tram and Convey
Liquid Cooling Available for Electronics in
Extreme Mining Conditions
Diagnostic Display Aids in Troubleshooting
Operator Can Be Located on RH or LH
Wet Multi-Disc Brake

Available Options

Service Cylinders
4-Wheel Independent Suspension
Dual Loader Type Conveyor Chain
Audio/Visual Safety Device
MineSMART Technology Package