PM15DE – Diesel Electric Shuttle Car

Diesel Electric VFD Freedom© Shuttle Car (15 Tonnes)

Phillips’ innovative Diesel Electric Shuttle Car was introduced at MINExpo 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada. This machine was the first of two that went to one of the major potash mines of Canada. A further evolution of the prototype diesel electric car that Phillips developed several years ago, this car features a modern, efficient, electronically controlled diesel engine and electric, variable frequency, AC traction drive.

Increased Payload, Heavy Duty Unibody Chassis & Advanced Wheel Unit Design

  • Cummins 4.5 Liter diesel engine
  • Turbo charged
  • Water cooled
  • Induction generator hp rated at 55 kva
  • Generator drive by cog type belt
  • VFD motor controls
  • Liquid cooled electronics
  • Traction motor hp 75 (55kw)
  • Catalytic converter exhaust after treatment
  • AC / DC converter
  • Conveyor motor hp 35 (26kw)
  • Variable displacement pump
  • Wet disc brakes
  • 4-Wheel steering
  • Full time 4-wheel drive
  • Planetary type wheel units
  • 14.00 X 24 tires
  • Electronically controlled generator
  • Capable of climbing a 20 degree incline
  • Hand-held programmer

Key Features

15 Metric Ton Capacity with a 10 m3 (335 ft3) Payload Capacity
Variable Speed Tram and Conveyor Control
Motor Controls Produce Full Torque at Zero Speed
Liquid Cooled Electronics
Wet Disc Brakes with Regenerative Braking

Available Options

Service Cylinders
4-Wheel Independent Suspension
Dual Loader Type Conveyor Chain
Audio/Visual Safety Device
MineSMART Technology Package