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14276USA Oil and Gas SupplyMiscZach Thompson
14353USA Oil and Gas SupplyAIR BOWL VARIOUS COMPONENTSZach Thompson
14367USA Oil and Gas Supply13 5/8 Air Bowl RepairZach Thompson
14370USA Oil and Gas SupplyFlange for 20 Airbowl"Zach Thompson
14371USA Oil and Gas SupplyMandrellZach Thompson
14449USA Oil and Gas SupplyShoe Pipe HolderZach Thompson
14450USA Oil and Gas SupplyAir Bowl Repair S/N 14-003Zach Thompson
14458USA Oil and Gas SupplyBlue Box RepairsZach Thompson
14501USA Oil and Gas SupplyOutlet Tube RepairZach Thompson
14512USA Oil and Gas SupplyBearing TDZach Thompson
14542USA Oil and Gas Supply14-024 Outlet Tube RepairZach Thompson
14563USA Oil and Gas Supply14-024 Outlet Tube RepairZach Thompson
14568USA Oil and Gas SupplyHardening EpoxyZach Thompson
15079USA Oil and Gas Supply13 5/8 airbowl repairZach Thompson
15084USA Oil and Gas Supply13 5/8 Airbowl RepairZach Thompson
15092USA Oil and Gas Supply13 5/8 AirBowl Repair - 14-019"Zach Thompson
15208USA Oil and Gas Supply14-003 Airbowl RepairZach Thompson
15209USA Oil and Gas Supply14-022 Airbowl RepairZach Thompson
15230USA Oil and Gas Supply13 5/8 Airbowl Repair 14-023Zach Thompson
15232USA Oil and Gas SupplySight GlassZach Thompson
15244USA Oil and Gas SupplyAirbowl Repair 14-024Zach Thompson
15249USA Oil and Gas Supply14-021 Airbowl RepairZach Thompson
15293USA Oil and Gas Supply14-019 Airbowl RepairZach Thompson
15294USA Oil and Gas Supply30 Airbowl Repair 14-013"Zach Thompson
15318USA Oil and Gas Supply14-020 Airbowl RepairZach Thompson
 Proposal Number Customer Description Select a Salesperson Start Date