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 Proposal Number Customer Description Select a Salesperson Start Date
RFC RFM 980617 RUO612 12 4 05 88 0509Joy - CAT CM Head 38 or 44""",,0,Reggie Farlaino,rojof@phillipsmachine.com,15346,Equipment,,,ROCA FOSFORICA MEXICANA IIIND'L SAN JUAN DE LA COSTA
Other14CM10AA Drums 3 and 2.25""",Rev 1 8/28/17 3 J25 Only"""smeade@phillipsmachine.com
jeff_grizzle@phillipsmachine.com38 Cutter Drums"0
efbb038 ROCK DRUMS 14CM15 38""",1. J30 with core
d2b37abc testTesting New SystemC. R. Allen12/28/2021
a7ee5ENERGY WEST MINING COMPANY4/16/14 - Revised quote per Todd to add option for Trojan tire fill and add (4) service cylinders in chassis group item 21"
638e1AMERICAN ENERGY CORPORATIONThis is an example QuoteC. R. Allen08/13/2021
52759ADDCAR Systems, LLC14CM15C. R. Allen01/07/2021
4cc09Gentry Mountain MiningC. R. Allen
318Arch Coal, Inc. Leer Mine14CM15 JM6424 RepairJoe Pervola
317Walter Energy12CM27 Cutter DrumsJeff Grizzle
316FMC CorporationCamera SystemReggie Farlaino
315RoxCoal, Inc.14CM10AA Mainframe REbuildJoe Pervola
314HOPEDALE MINING LLC.10SC21 1021-09-1008 Used/SaleJoe Pervola
313HOPEDALE MINING LLC.14CM15 Conveyor Boom RebuildJoe Pervola
312Pittman Mine Service12CM12 Main Traction ControllerTerry McDonald
311Arch Coal, Inc. Leer MineBelt SpreaderJoe Pervola
310American Coal Company (The)12CM15 Gathering Pan - Service ExchangeTerry McDonald
309Patriot Coal Corporation14CM15 JM6448 REpairCliff McKinney
308Alden ResourcesLH Cutter Drum - REbuild/Service ExchangeJeff Grizzle
307Frontier CoalFeederTodd Cushman
306Frontier CoalRRII Roof BolterTodd Cushman
305Frontier CoalHC20B Shuttle CarTodd Cushman
304Frontier CoalS360 ScoopTodd Cushman
 Proposal Number Customer Description Select a Salesperson Start Date